Finish Line Festivities

It’s a Party- Everyones Invited!

Friends and Family are invited to join in on the Finish Line Festivities at the Columbia Gorge Marathon!

Runners lunch is included in their entry fee and others can purchase tickets for $7- includes the following:

  • Hot homemade soup made by Rosauer’s- Our local, independent grocery store.
  • Rolls made by Lou Gehrig- A local baker known and loved by many.
  • Lunch Bar provided by Spin Catering.
  • Juanita’s chips and Veronica’s Salsa- Locally made products.
  • Local, organic apples, pears and Ryan’s Hot Cider- Grown in the Hood River Valley.

We will also be offering many other sweet and salty snacks for your enjoyment.

Beer! Double Mountain will be pouring beer at the Race Finish.

Are you in love with Hood River yet?

We would also like you to recognize the finish line medals are handmade by Mike Scrivens, a local artist.

What more can we say?? The Gorge is just a great place to be and we hope this to be a great Marathon or Half marathon experience for ALL!!